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  • Amstel beer is one of those beer brands that attract several advantages at once. Firstly, the price of the drink is small, it does not bite. Secondly, the attractive design of the bottle also plays a role.

    • Beer: Light, Filtered
      Style: Lager, Czech Lager, Czech Light Lager
      Region: Czech Republic
      Manufacturer: Budweiser Budvar
      Brand: Budweiser Budvar
      Type of fermentation: Grassroots fermentation
      Fortress: 5%
      Volume: 0.33 L
    • Region: Russia
      Manufacturer: Heineken International
      Brand: Heineken
      Beer: Medium-light, Filtered
      Style: Lager, European Lager, European Light Lager
      Capacity Type: Bottle
      Fortress: 5%
    • Region: Russia
      Manufacturer: Carlsberg Group
      Brand: Carlsberg
      Beer: Light, Filtered
      Style: German Pilsner, Lager, German Lager
      Capacity Type: Bottle
      Fortress: 4.7%

      Carlsberg (Carlsberg)— a world-famous beer created in Denmark. Many people remember his ambitious slogan: “Perhaps the best beer in the world.” Its taste — fresh, malty, with a tart bitterness, has conquered millions of people around the world. And the secret of success is largely due to the careful selection of ingredients, the highest quality of yeast and the addition of unprocessed hop cones.

      For the first time, Danish beer lovers tasted Carlsbergin 1847, and already in 1868 the drink entered the European market, starting deliveries to Scotland. The founder of the company is a Dane named Jacob Christian Jacobsen — he named it after his only son Karl. Interestingly, when Karl grew up, he only worked with his father for a while, and then created a competing company that also produced beer. And only

  • Beer: Light,
    Filtered Style: Lager, American Lager, American Standard Lager Region: Mexico
    Modelo Brand: Corona
    Fermentation Type: Grassroots Fermentation
    Fortress: 4.5% Volume: 355 ml More details:
    Beer: Light,Filtered
    Style: Lager, American Lager, American Standard Lager
    Region: Mexico
    Manufacturer: Grupo Modelo
    Brand: Corona
    Type of fermentation: Grassroots fermentation
    Fortress: 4.5%
    Volume: 355 ml
  • Red Horse is a fortified beer with a high degree content. This is a thickly colored lager with a special, sweet taste and balanced even bitterness. For a strong person, both outside and inside. 8% alcohol. The leader in strength and the second most popular in the San Miguel line.

  • Stella is a light beer of low fermentation, first brewed in the Belgian city of Leuven in 1926 and achieved the first commercial success and industrial production volumes in Canada in the 1930s. Currently (2016) it is brewed under the license of AB InBev in many countries of the world. Wikipedia
    Manufacturer: Anheuser–Busch InBev
    Year: 1926
    Fortress: 5%
    Origin: Leuven, Belgium
    Type: light lager
  • Strongbow is one of the best–selling British beer brands. Strongbow got its name from the name of the Anglo-Norman knight Richard de Clare, nicknamed “tight bow”. This is apple cider, traditionally made from bittersweet apples.