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  • Buy Malibu Liqueur in Dubai

    Region: United Kingdom

    Brand: Malibu

    Fortress: 21%

    Manufacturer: Pernod Ricard

    Style: Cream Liqueur

    • Region: Germany
      Manufacturer: Jagermeister
      Brand: Jagermeister
      Type: Bitter
      Additives: Herbs, Spices, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger
      Style: Sturdy
      Base: Alcohol
      Fortress: 35%
      Egermeister liqueur: advantages
      Produced in only one factory in the world
      It contains 56 components — herbs, roots, spices
      You can drink it in its pure form and in cocktails, add it to tea
      Large selection of volumes — from 50 ml to 1.75 l

      Jagermeister is a famous German liqueur that is produced in the only place in the world, at the Mast-Jagermeister AG plant in Lower Saxony. Its unique spicy bittersweet taste is not accidental, it has been polished for decades. The recipe of the drink is kept strictly secret: it is only known that it contains 56 natural ingredients — herbs, flowers, fruits and roots.Learn more:

      Jägermeister is a unique world—famous shot, a strong drink that is drunk in one gulp in small portions, strongly chilled. The composition of the drink includes 56 herbs, root vegetables, fruits and spices with

    • Region: Ireland
      Manufacturer: Baileys
      Brand: Baileys
      Type: Creamy
      Subtype: Butterscotch
      Additives: Cream, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate
      Style: Cream Liqueur
      Base: Whiskey
      Bayleys Liqueur: Features
      The famous cream liqueur of Ireland
      Made on the basis of high-quality whiskey
      Fortress 17%
      All varieties are on sale: mint, coffee, original, etc.Baileys is a popular Irish cream liqueur. The exact recipe of the liquor is not disclosed by the manufacturer. It is known that its composition includes fresh cream (up to 50% of the composition), triple distilled whiskey from the best distilleries in Ireland, herbs, chocolate and spices. The liqueur does not contain preservatives, as its strength is quite high — 17%, which allows you to maintain the structure and taste throughout the shelf life (24 months).

      Baileys liqueur family

      Today, the trademark belongs to the alcohol giant Diageo. The factories in Dublin and Newtownabbey (Ireland) produce several types of liqueurs:

      Baileys Original — the creamy one

  • Bianco — light martini Bianco appeared in 1910. Spices and vanilla are felt in the soft taste of Bianco. It is considered a ladies’ drink, its strength is 16% vol. Bianco is served as an aperitif and in cocktails.