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Jagermeister Liqueur in Dubai

68,10 $

  • Region: Germany
    Manufacturer: Jagermeister
    Brand: Jagermeister
    Type: Bitter
    Additives: Herbs, Spices, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger
    Style: Sturdy
    Base: Alcohol
    Fortress: 35%
    Egermeister liqueur: advantages
    Produced in only one factory in the world
    It contains 56 components — herbs, roots, spices
    You can drink it in its pure form and in cocktails, add it to tea
    Large selection of volumes — from 50 ml to 1.75 l

    Jagermeister is a famous German liqueur that is produced in the only place in the world, at the Mast-Jagermeister AG plant in Lower Saxony. Its unique spicy bittersweet taste is not accidental, it has been polished for decades. The recipe of the drink is kept strictly secret: it is only known that it contains 56 natural ingredients — herbs, flowers, fruits and roots.Learn more:

    Jägermeister is a unique world—famous shot, a strong drink that is drunk in one gulp in small portions, strongly chilled. The composition of the drink includes 56 herbs, root vegetables, fruits and spices with

Jägermeister liqueur is available in Dubai and can be found in various locations. Here are some suggestions on where to buy Jägermeister liqueur in Dubai:

– Liquor Stores: Several liquor stores in Dubai, such as MMI and African & Eastern, carry Jägermeister liqueur. These stores have multiple branches throughout the city and offer a variety of alcoholic beverages.

– Supermarkets: Some larger supermarkets in Dubai, such as Carrefour and Spinneys, also stock Jägermeister liqueur. You can check the liquor section of these supermarkets for availability.

– Duty-Free Shops: If you are traveling through Dubai International Airport, you can find Jägermeister liqueur at the duty-free shops. These shops offer a range of spirits and liquors for purchase.

– Online Delivery: Online platforms like Le Clos and Liquorland offer delivery services for alcohol in Dubai. You can check their websites to see if Jägermeister liqueur is available for online purchase and delivery.

Please note that availability and selection may vary among different stores and locations. It is also important to ensure compliance with local alcohol regulations, including legal drinking age limits, when purchasing and consuming beverages in Dubai.


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