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Corona beer 355 ml to buy in Dubai

95,30 $

Beer: Light,
Filtered Style: Lager, American Lager, American Standard Lager Region: Mexico
Modelo Brand: Corona
Fermentation Type: Grassroots Fermentation
Fortress: 4.5% Volume: 355 ml More details:
Beer: Light,Filtered
Style: Lager, American Lager, American Standard Lager
Region: Mexico
Manufacturer: Grupo Modelo
Brand: Corona
Type of fermentation: Grassroots fermentation
Fortress: 4.5%
Volume: 355 ml

To buy Corona beer in 355ml bottles in Dubai, you can check various liquor stores, supermarkets, or specialized retailers that offer a wide selection of beers and alcoholic beverages.

Corona beer is a popular Mexican brand known for its crisp and refreshing taste. It is widely available in Dubai, and you can typically find it in stores that carry a range of international and craft beer options.

For the most accurate information on where to purchase Corona beer in Dubai, it is recommended to visit liquor stores directly or check their websites for availability. Online delivery platforms may also offer the option to order Corona beer for delivery to your location in Dubai.

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Corona beer, often enjoyed with a slice of lime, whether you’re savoring it on its own or pairing it with your favorite meals or snacks. Cheers to a delightful beer-drinking experience in Dubai!


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