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Carlsberg beer 0.33l to buy in Dubai

76,30 $

  • Region: Russia
    Manufacturer: Carlsberg Group
    Brand: Carlsberg
    Beer: Light, Filtered
    Style: German Pilsner, Lager, German Lager
    Capacity Type: Bottle
    Fortress: 4.7%

    Carlsberg (Carlsberg)— a world-famous beer created in Denmark. Many people remember his ambitious slogan: “Perhaps the best beer in the world.” Its taste — fresh, malty, with a tart bitterness, has conquered millions of people around the world. And the secret of success is largely due to the careful selection of ingredients, the highest quality of yeast and the addition of unprocessed hop cones.

    For the first time, Danish beer lovers tasted Carlsbergin 1847, and already in 1868 the drink entered the European market, starting deliveries to Scotland. The founder of the company is a Dane named Jacob Christian Jacobsen — he named it after his only son Karl. Interestingly, when Karl grew up, he only worked with his father for a while, and then created a competing company that also produced beer. And only

To buy Carlsberg beer in 0.33-liter bottles in Dubai, you can explore multiple options. Carlsberg is a popular beer brand, widely available in the city. You can find Carlsberg beer in various liquor stores, supermarkets, and specialized beer retailers across Dubai.

To locate the nearest location to purchase Carlsberg beer 0.33l in Dubai, you can use online search engines, beer delivery apps, or the store locators provided on the Carlsberg official website. These resources will help you find retailers offering Carlsberg beer in your vicinity.

For a wider selection and competitive prices, you can also consider duty-free stores at the airport, as they tend to carry a variety of alcoholic beverages, including Carlsberg beer.

Dubai’s diverse retail market ensures that you have ample opportunities to buy Carlsberg beer in 0.33-liter bottles, making it convenient for your social gatherings, events, or personal enjoyment.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the refreshing taste of Carlsberg beer, known for its crisp flavor and smooth finish. Cheers to an enjoyable beer-drinking experience in Dubai!


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