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Red Horse 0.33l beer to buy in Dubai

73,50 $

Red Horse is a fortified beer with a high degree content. This is a thickly colored lager with a special, sweet taste and balanced even bitterness. For a strong person, both outside and inside. 8% alcohol. The leader in strength and the second most popular in the San Miguel line.

To buy Red Horse beer in 0.33-liter bottles in Dubai, you may need to explore specialized or international beer retailers. Red Horse, a popular Filipino beer known for its strong and robust flavor, may not be widely available in all liquor stores or supermarkets in Dubai.

To find Red Horse beer in 0.33-liter bottles near you, it is recommended to check with Filipino specialty stores or Filipino-focused liquor stores in Dubai. These stores may have a selection of Filipino beers, including Red Horse, catering to the preferences of the Filipino community.

Alternatively, you can also check online platforms or contact liquor stores directly to inquire about the availability of Red Horse beer in Dubai.

Remember that the availability of Red Horse beer may vary, so it is best to plan ahead or call ahead to ensure its availability at the specific location you plan to visit.

Enjoy the distinct flavor and strength of Red Horse beer, reflecting the vibrant beer culture in the Philippines. Cheers to a satisfying beer-drinking experience in Dubai!


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