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Jose Cuervo, Jose Cuervo tequila to buy in Dubai

68,10 $

  • Region: Mexico
    Manufacturer: Jose Cuervo
    Brand: Jose Cuervo
    Brand line: Especial
    Fortress: 38%

    Jose Cuervo is the undisputed leader in the world of tequila. This brand accounts for more than 40% of tequila sales worldwide. About 40 million liters (!) of Jose Cuervo tequila are sold annually. The brand began to gain its popularity in the distant XVIII century. In the mid-1700s, Don Jose Cuervo’s family received a plot for growing blue agave, from which tequila is known to be produced. On an industrial scale, Cuervo began producing tequila since 1795. Only 70 years later, Jose Cuervo’s tequila was seen outside of Mexico. Members of the Cuervo family are still involved in the management of the company today.


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