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Merlot wine to buy in Dubai

54,45 $

Merlot wine is among the top ten international varieties and is the second most popular after the famous Cabernet Sauvignon. However, it is not necessary to contrast these wines – rather, we should talk about close kinship and close friendship. Tannic and bright Cabernet is smoothed by soft Merlot, acquires a silky velvety texture, becomes “rounded”. These two varieties often coexist in blends, and in combination with the third “brother” – Cabernet Franc, form the famous Bordeaux blend – the standard of perfect balance in wine.

The name of the grape comes from the French word merle – “blackbird”. Either because the berry resembles this bird in color, or because the thrushes themselves are not averse to eating juicy large berries.

The birthplace of Merlot is the French province of Bordeaux, but the unpretentious variety has successfully spread around the world. Now such grapes are grown in Italy, Argentina, Chile, Israel, the USA and other countries where the climate allows viticulture.


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