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Smirnoff Ice Breather 24 pc 0.33l to buy in Dubai

95,30 $

Smirnoff Ice is already the second global brand in this category that refused to expand into the Russian market. This year Bacardi-Martini stopped producing the second most popular Bacardi Breezer cocktail in the country, which was also bottled at the Bravo plant.

Smirnoff Ice Breather is a popular premixed alcoholic beverage that combines the crisp taste of Smirnoff vodka with refreshing flavors. However, the specific product you mentioned, Smirnoff Ice Breather 24 pc 0.33l, may not be readily available in Dubai, as it may vary depending on the region’s distribution and availability.

To purchase Smirnoff Ice products in Dubai, it is recommended to visit liquor stores, supermarkets, or specialized retailers that offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. They often carry a range of Smirnoff Ice options, including different flavors and packaging sizes.

It’s worth noting that alcoholic beverage availability and product options may vary from store to store, and it’s always advisable to contact the retailers directly or check their online platforms to confirm the availability of the specific product you are seeking.

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Smirnoff Ice in Dubai, and discover the variety of flavors and packaging options that the brand offers.


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