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Whiskey Whiskey Ballantines 1L to buy in Dubai

60,00 $

Ballantines Finest 40% 1L whiskey is one of the most famous and best–selling Scotch blended whiskey in the world in an original flask bottle. This noble blend – a true masterpiece of blending – was created by 18-year-old John Ballantines in Edinburgh in 1827.

Whiskey Ballantine’s 1L to buy in Dubai.

Product Description:
Ballantine’s is an excellent Scottish whiskey that combines carefully selected grain and malt spirits, matured in oak casks. This classic Scottish blend has a rich and velvety taste with hints of salt and toasted bread. It is appreciated for its smoothness and pleasant aftertaste.

Ballantine’s 1L is the perfect choice for lovers of fine Scottish whiskey. Its deep aroma with notes of dried fruits, honey, and vanilla will transport you to the captivating world of Scottish culture and tradition. Thanks to its large volume, you can enjoy this quality whiskey for a longer period.

Ballantine’s 1L will make an excellent gift for connoisseurs of high-quality whiskey or a perfect drink for special events and evenings with friends.

Attention: The sale of alcoholic beverages is only allowed to adults. Purchase of this product is possible only upon presentation of an age verification document.


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