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Double Black 1L whiskey to buy in Dubai

122,51 $

  • Region: Scotland, Islay
    Manufacturer: Burn Stewart Distillers LTD
    Brand: Black Bottle
    Fortress: 40%
    Type: Blended
    Exposure time: 5 years
    Aging in barrels: oak barrels
    Filtration: cold filtration
    Taste: Smoke/Smoked, Salt, Rounded

Double Black whiskey, also known as Johnnie Walker Double Black, is a premium blended Scotch whiskey that offers a unique and intense flavor experience. If you are looking to purchase Double Black 1L in Dubai, you’ll find it available in various liquor stores and retailers throughout the city.

Double Black is a rich and smoky whiskey, building upon the iconic flavors of Johnnie Walker Black Label and taking them to a bolder level. It is crafted through a combination of specially selected whiskies, including some that have been aged in heavily charred oak casks. This aging process intensifies the smoky and peaty characteristics, resulting in a whiskey with a deep and robust flavor profile.

In a 1L bottle of Double Black, you can expect a complex and layered taste. It offers prominent notes of peat


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