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Siroc vodka 1L to buy in Dubai

108,90 $

Ciroc Vodka,

Region: France

Manufacturer: Diageo

Brand: Ciroc

Volume: 1 l

Type: Grape

Class: Super-premium

Tasting notes


Vodka of crystal clear, transparent color.


Due to maceration and the fact that the drink is made from grapes, vodka has an exquisite, subtle, mild taste, in which light, fresh notes of citrus are felt. It has a soft, pleasant aftertaste.


The aroma of vodka is soft, rounded, with subtle fruity tones.

Gastronomic combinations

Vodka can be served in its pure form in chilled glasses or with ice, it is also excellent as a base for cocktails, giving them a special sound. Thanks to its mild taste, it is perfectly combined with dishes of exquisite French cuisine: the most delicate white veal, truffles, foie gras, Burgundy snails, champagne oysters, lobsters and langoustines. Olives are ideal as snacks.


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