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Prosecco washes chardonnay brut in Dubai

122,51 $

Moët & Chandon (/moɛt‿eˈˈdɔ/; “Moët Chandon” or “Moët Chandon”) is one of the world’s largest producers of champagne. Был основан в 1743 году Клодом Моэтом, в настоящее время владеет 1190 га1 виноградников и производит примерно 26 миллионов бутылок шампанского в год.

Experience the harmonious blend of Prosecco and Chardonnay in this delightful sparkling wine. Prosecco Washes Chardonnay Brut offers a unique and refreshing combination of flavors and aromas. The vibrant bubbles of Prosecco mingle with the crispness and elegance of Chardonnay, resulting in a sparkling wine that is both lively and refined. With notes of green apple, citrus, and hints of toasted almonds, every sip of this exquisite blend transports you to a world of celebration and joy. Perfect for special occasions or to elevate any gathering, Prosecco Washes Chardonnay Brut is a must-have for wine enthusiasts seeking a sparkling experience with a touch of sophistication.

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