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Buy Hennessy VS 0.7L cognac in Dubai

101,00 $


“One of the best cognacs. Hennessy VS is much better than many VSOP cognacs from other brands. Of course, it’s not as smooth as Martell, but Hennessy is more intense in terms of flavor and aroma, and has a denser consistency. Rating: 9/10.” – Sergey

Region: France, Cognac
Producer: Hennessy
Brand: Hennessy
Cognac Class: VS
Ageing: 2.5 years
Oldest Eau-de-Vie: 7 years

Indulge in the smooth and vibrant flavors of Hennessy VS 0.7L cognac. This iconic blend from Hennessy delivers a harmonious combination of youthful character and depth. With its inviting aroma and well-balanced taste, it offers notes of fresh fruits, oak, and a touch of vanilla. Experience the timeless elegance of Hennessy VS and enhance your spirits collection. Buy Hennessy VS 0.7L cognac in Dubai and enjoy a truly refined drinking experience.


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