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Alcohol in Dubai is legally available for purchase and consumption.

Our price list is an organized inventory of products offered by our company, including their names, prices, brief descriptions, and more. You can easily purchase items with just one click. Next to each product, there is a “BUY” button. By clicking on the link, you will be directed to our WhatsApp where you can place your order. We guarantee delivery within 5 minutes!

Absalyut  150AEDBuy——————-————— ——————
Stolichnaya  150AEDBuy    
Smirnof  160AEDBuy    
Russion standart  200AEDBuy    
Sky  240AEDBuy    
Grey goose  360AEDBuy  ——— 
Belvedere  400AEDbuy    
Siroc  400 AEDbuy    
Beluga 0,  420AEDBuy    
W/Chardonnay   150AEDOrder    
R/Shiraz cabirnet   150AEDOrder    
W/Savinon blanck   200AEDOrder    
R/Merlot   200AEDOrder    
W/Pinot Grigio   210AEDOrder    
R/Vanpolicallo   210AEDOrder    
W/La grand   350AEDOrder    
R/Chablis   350AEDOrder    
Vine Cardon  410AEDOrder    
Bottega   200AEDOrder    
Martini proseco   220AEDOrder    
Henkel   200AEDOrder    
Martini Asti   200AEDOrder    
Moët  Chandon  brut   450AEDOrder    
Moët Chandon Rose   650AEDOrder    
Moët ice   650AEDOrder    
Veuve chequot   450AEDOrder    
Dom Perinion   2200AEDOrder    
Crustal   2300AEDOrder    
Malibu  200AEDOrder    
Baileys  250AEDOrder    
Jagermeister  250AEDOrder    
Martini Byanco  210AEDOrder    
Smirnof ice  24pc 350AEDOrder    
Bacardi Brize  24pc 350AEDOrder    
Amstel s 0.33ml 24 pc 330AEDOrder    
Stella  0.33ml 24 pc 330AEDOrder    
Strongbow 0.33ml 24pc 330AEDOrder    
Heineken 0.33ml 24pc 240AEDOrder    
Carlsberg 0.5ml 24pc 280AEDOrder    
Red horse 0.5ml 24 pc 270AEDOrder    
Budwayzet 0.33ml 24pc 250AEDOrder    
Korona 0.33ml 24pc 350AEDOrder    
Red label  170AEDOrder    
Black label  250AEDOrder    
Double Black  450AEDOrder    
Gold label  550AEDOrder    
Blu label 0.7lt  1350AEDOrder    
Chivas 12 old  250AEDOrder    
Chivas 18 old  650AEDOrder    
Chivas 21 old  1600AEDOrder    
Chivas 25 old   2600AEDOrder    
Jack Daniels  260AEDOrder    
Jack Daniels Honey  310AEDOrder    
J&B  200AEDOrder    
Balantays  220AEDOrder    
Jemeson  250AEDOrder    
Glenfiddich  350AEDOrder    
Macallan 0.7lt  550AEDOrder    
Gordon’s jin  220AEDOrder    
Bombay  250AEDOrder    
El Charo 0.7lt  150AEDOrder    
Jose Cuervo  250AEDOrder    
Patron Cofe   350AEDOrder    
Patron Gold   550AEDOrder    
Patron Silver   450AEDOrder    
Captain Morgan  210AEDOrder    
Bacardi  220AEDOrder    
Absinthe   280AEDOrder    
Hennessy VS  420AEDOrder    
Hennessy VS 0.7lt  370AEDOrder    
Hennessy VSOP  550AEDOrder    
Hennessy VSOP 0.7lt  500AEDOrder    
Hennessy XO 0.7lt  1300AEDOrder    
Hennessy VSOP  0.7lt  500AEDOrder    
Hennessy XO 0.7lt  1300AEDOrder    
  1. Alcohol in Dubai is legally available for purchase and consumption.
  2. In Dubai, it is possible to order alcohol with delivery.
  3. There are known places where you can buy alcohol in Dubai.
  4. An improvement in the assortment of alcohol in Dubai is expected in 2023.
  5. There are stores in Dubai specialized in the sale of alcohol.
  6. Tourists can also purchase alcohol in Dubai.
  7. In Dubai, it is possible to purchase alcohol in accordance with Russian legislation.
  8. It is possible to place an order for alcohol in Dubai.
  9. Alcohol can be purchased and consumed in hotels in Dubai.
  10. There are restrictions on the import of alcohol in Dubai.
  11. It is possible to import alcohol into Dubai.
  12. Buying and consuming alcohol in Dubai hotels is quite possible.
  13. The import of alcohol into Dubai is regulated by corresponding rules and regulations.
  14. Changes in the rules for importing alcohol into Dubai are expected in 2023.
  15. The import of alcohol into Dubai is regulated by relevant norms.
  16. There are places in Dubai where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages.
  17. Alcohol is also available in Kuala Lumpur.
  18. Alcohol in Dubai is offered by various shops.
  19. There may be restrictions on the consumption of alcohol in Dubai.
  20. In 2020, alcohol prices in Dubai remained stable.
  21. Changes in alcohol prices in Dubai are expected in 2023.
  22. One can find out where to buy alcohol in Dubai in 2023.

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